IM BLESSED RIGHT NOW! HA! I thought today was gonna be shitty but nope…#CONFIRMED dudes be feelin for me :)))))) and i got money so yay

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Title: Love Sex Magic

Artist: Ciara

Played: 28991 times

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Because I share the name Michael Brown with the murder victim I have gotten many concerned messages within the last couple weeks from people thought I was the victim. It is a very common name…

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I love it when guys give me that twinkly eyed look and smile cuz all i can think is “i got this muthaphucka”

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Janet Jackson, ‘93.


Janet Jackson, ‘93.

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If you read reviews of Madonna’s Ray of Light, Janet’s Velvet Rope and Kylie’s Impossible Princess albums you can always tell which critics hate the other artists because they always bring the other 2 albums up in at least 2 critical reviews.

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I want to sit next to Janet Jackson and scroll through Madonna’s instagram with her.

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Somewhere in the far off corners of the universe, an Alien could be masturbating right now.

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I think Earth is gonna end up like Mars or Venus in the future. But Madonna and Cher will still be posting indecipherable photos and messages on instagram and twitter.

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